Note to my readers:

Welcome. Thank you for wanting to hear my story.

Until very recently I was writing in a void, very few people aware of my tiny voice in the vast internet universe. A lot more eyes are suddenly here. That is an honor. As the story teller I will continue to do my part: to tell my story honestly as I know it. Due to its heaviness I have blogged anonymously. I have changed the names of friends and family whose stories are intertwined with mine. I don’t mean to be their voice, to portray their experiences or assert expertise in their needs. I tell of them only as they bump against me, my story being the one I  can tell with authority.

If you know, or think you know, any of the characters in my stories please respect their anonymity, both in your sharing and in your comments. I recommend using the names as given in this blog for the sake of internal consistency.

Do feel free to share this blog freely. Do so with consideration to those whose story is being bared.

Thank you.


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