Bio: This is not a condemnation of Home Schooling. This is not a condemnation of Christianity. This is not a condemnation of a rural upbringing. This is the story of a man who got it very, very wrong, and the damage his choices caused. This is an eyewitness account, take it or leave it. I am the second oldest. I will always be the second oldest. It is my pleasure and struggle as it defines more about me than I sometimes want to admit. I want to walk briskly, but not lead. I want to look ahead and see strong shoulders leading, and if they trip first I avoid falling. There are five of us. I think we've kept each other alive. I know my siblings have saved my life, I hope I've returned the favor. We may weird each other out now, as our adult lives become supremely dissimilar, but we need each other. Because only we five were there. Even so, we each have different stories. We know the same man, but we know him a bit differently. The mark of a practiced manipulator and control seeker is their ability to approach each person where they are most vulnerable. Our personalities, as well as where in the timeline of my parent's destructive relationship we fall (and a million other variables) has given us unique scars and strengths. This story is a small part of my Story. Once it was my whole life. Now it is my context, but I am so much more. But I can never forget. These things happened.

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  1. Hello cicadas girl – I’ve just found your Blog by way of another of my favourites, Lana Hobbs. I’m certain you’ve heard this many times, but your writing is arresting. That might not be the right adjective. I have only just begun reading through your entries, but the way you convey meaning captures many powerful and primitive emotions. I commend you.
    I’m an English major and a teacher, so I recognize excellent writing (even though I don’t have the ability to express myself nearly as brilliantly as you!) What I have read so far compels me to ask – have you explored the idea of writing a book? Your story and that of so many others (who come from the same shared experiences) NEEDS to be told. Indeed, it must be.

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